LADI TEE RESOURCES NIGERIA (LAREN) LIMITED is aware that the Health and Safety of itsemployees and all the other personnel involved in its activities, as well as the protection of the Environment which must be guaranteed by an effective and documented system. In order to meet this requirement, and make sure such system is sustainable and continuously improved over time,
LADI TEE RESOURCES NIGERIA (LAREN) LIMITED is strongly committed to maintaining operational standards to protect health and safety of all personnel, as well as the  environment, against any negative impact caused by the activities performed. All technically sustainable efforts are made to identify, eliminate and/or control all those situations which can pose even a potential risk for human health and safety as well as for the environment.
To achieve the foregoing, LADI TEE RESOURCES NIGERIA (LAREN) LIMITED ensures that;

All the HSE legal requirements applicable in the locality/industry where business is conducted must be complied with. If those rules are unavailable or inadequate, the best available standards and technologies will be applied;
All the activities have to be performed using adequate procedures to protect all those involved from hazards and injuries as well as to properly manage any environmental risk;
The environment has to be respected not only by physically protecting it from pollution, but also by promoting it as a value;
Employees performances are evaluated taking into account their risk prevention behaviour in terms of health, safety and the environment as a main factor;
Monitoring of employees’ health is promoted and assured in line with legal requirements;
Human resources development is conducted through adequate training, both theoretical and on-the-job, clearly oriented towards prevention and protection;
Legal surveillance and intervention systems have to be in place in order to avoid the use of alcoholic drinks and narcotic substances, expressly forbidden within the Company;
All LAREN subcontractors have to comply with LAREN HSE rules besides regulations issued by the local authorities;
All incidents must be thoroughly investigated and remedial actions promptly adopted;
Routine audits are to be performed by different representatives of LAREN management, in order to check the effectiveness of the prevention system, evaluate the actual progress made by the organization, and identify new opportunities for continuous improvement