LAREN as company that undertakes quality & management system consultancy, engineering, procurement and construction management activities is aware of the need to guarantee in a systematic and documented manner, a level of quality to continually satisfy the requirements of its customers in an increasingly demanding market and with increasingly stringent legislation and is therefore committed to ensure that it’s projects and services are delivered to ensure:

  • Full Customer satisfaction, correctly meeting customer expectations identified through requirements specified in contractual documents;
  • Conformity to applicable codes, standards, rules & regulations;
  • Commitment to pursue continual improvement through constant self examination and reviews using the best available resources and technologies;
  • Optimization of human resources via staff training with theory and on-job training;
  • Optimization of economic resources (cost control and analysis);
    Improvement of operational control procedures and their consolidation.
  • Continual improvement of its project delivery processes

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC)

At LAREN, QA/QC is a matter of culture being one of our core business units. We have established a QA/QC department which has the function of managing the Company’s Quality System. QA/QC department carries out its program of work beyond parties and in a totally independent way. It has the necessary authority to manage and identify problems concerning the Quality System, suggesting solutions and verifying their realizations.

QA/QC Department specifies the work procedures and the quality control and inspection plans and verifies the conformity of each construction and services to the applicable codes, standards and specifications.