Project Management
LAREN is endowed with Project Management Professional (PMP) and PRINCE2 certified personnel in project management. The project teams are selected to include people of proven ability in project management, engineering, drawings, planning, buying, expediting, inspecting and other specialists who may be necessary for the performance of the contract. They are assigned upon the award of the contract and remain in control until its successful completion. At the outset of a contract the Project Manager establishes the project organisation in conjunction with departmental managers and issues job instructions describing the scope of the work to be performed by all disciplines and contractual requirements to be met. Liaison and communication with the Client
is under the responsibility of the Project Manager. With his authority, Project Engineers may communicate directly with their counterparts in the Client’s organisation, particularly on the technical aspects of the contract. 
Project management practices are aligned with the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide and ensure that processes are tailored to the size and type of projects to secure stakeholder satisfaction on all projects.

Quality Management
Quality management expertise of LAREN personnel in the areas of development of quality plans & procedures, inspection and testing, metrology, welding inspection and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a major source of strength that is going to be leveraged to deliver projects that meet clients satisfaction at all times

Management System Proficiency
LAREN management team has a history of competence in Management system development in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 1401 and OHSAS 18001 Standards. Constant training of personnel in these fields has also resulted in improved capacity to deliver value to clients.

Detailed engineering
The engineering personnel is responsible for the engineering development from the conceptual design to the specification of all equipment and construction details. At the beginning of a project the necessary specifications for materials and equipment are selected from the existing library of specifications and standards. Where necessary these standards will be pre-modified to satisfy specific requirements of the contract and any appropriate requirements of the contract of local or national authorities. The company engineers are fully conversant with international design codes and standards. When required, the work will be in compliance with the client’s internal standardization.

Overall procurement costs can be a very important part of the total project cost and the quality of procurement activities determines the overall project schedule. LAREN has skilled personnel dealing with all functions of procurement: purchasing, expediting, inspection, testing and delivery. All vendors are selected by company personnel on the basis of vendor’s expertises, financial security, production quality, etc. Once the orders are placed, constant liaison with vendors is maintained and updated records for each item are continually at hand, ensuring reliable scheduling throughout the contract.

Acting as sole contractor or partner in a joint-venture, LAREN executes field construction using direct and/or subcontract personnel. Depending on the importance of the project, LAREN field organisation is composed of Site Engineer, HSE Manager, QA/QC Manager, Welding Supervisors, Welding Foreman, Erection Foreman and all the skilled manpower deemed necessary.

Personnel Training
In order to keep a high standard of quality, LAREN takes particular care in updating techniques and processes employed in consulting, engineering and construction activities.
For this scope LAREN manpower is continually trained, qualified and certified for different works.

At contract award, LAREN first priority is to meet with all key individuals involved in the project to review every aspect of the project and to schedule each phase of the work in line with the project completion date.

Our seasoned labour force uses machinery and equipment that are well maintained and hand tools that are in excellent working conditions.

Logistic support
The immediate needs of crews working at our various sites are given quickest attention through our 24 hour oncall system.